Garten's mission is to support people with disabilities in their effort to contribute to the community through employment, career, and retirement opportunities.
Our actions increase society's awareness of human potential.

Garten Business Enterprises

Garten exists to serve people with disabilities. As we meet our mission, we increase society’s awareness of human potential.
Over the past three decades, individuals with disabilities have become dissatisfied—not to mention desperately poor—living merely on government disability benefits. It is rarely the case that people choose to forgo work and live on what can be as little as $710 a month (the 2013 Federal amount for SSI).
We know that, given the opportunity, people with disabilities will actively choose to earn their own way and be an integral part of their community. Frequently, people with severe disabilities simply may need more flexibility and accommodations than a tradition workplace routinely provides.
Garten meets these unique vocational needs by operating our own successful business enterprises. Each Garten enterprise employs teams comprised of a minimum 75% people with disabilities. Any revenue realized from Garten’s enterprises is dedicated to providing additional jobs for people with disabilities.

These business enterprises include the following areas:

Custodial Services

Electronics Recycling

Laundry Services

Mail Services

Packaging & Assembly

Recycling Services

Document Shredding
The outcomes of the above services include a sense of freedom and a degree of independence that people with severe disabilities and their families never thought possible.

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Resource Development Manager
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Garten is proud to offer a continuum of alternatives for people with disabilities
We listen.
We encourage.
We teach.
We believe.
The entire community benefits.